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Cafe Caffe 2 leads the pack in food inspection violations points for October

Latin-themed area restaurants made up four of the five top violators during October

(Article update posted at the bottom of page)

Bellingham’s Café Caffe 2 was first in food inspection violations for the month of October, according to reports filed by the Whatcom County Health Department. Health inspectors logged a total of 55 points in violations, 45 of which came from the “high-risk factors” portion of the inspection. Most notable of the violations was a 30-point mark for improper cooling procedures. A follow-up inspection was required within approximately 30 days from the time of the original inspection.

Sunset Square Mexican restaurant El Gitano was close behind in violation points, racking up 53 in its October inspection. Forty-five of those came from high-risk violations. Among other violation points, El Gitano took a 25-point hit for room temperature storage, improper use of time as a control, and/or no procedures available. The WCHD report indicated that an enforcement letter has been sent to the establishment listing the violations and solutions, and informing El Gitano that another formal inspection would soon follow. Failure to pass the inspection could result in permit revocation.

Marta’s Cocina in Lynden came in third on the list, receiving 45 violation points, 40 of which were high-risk violations. Among other violations, received 25 points for improper hot holding temperatures. A follow-up with the establishment was required within 30 days of the inspection.

Salvadorian restaurant Super Mario took fourth, amassing 40 violation points, all of which were high-risk violations. As with Marta’s Cocina, Super Mario received (among others) a 25-point violation for improper hot holding temperatures. A follow-up with Super Mario will be required.

Lynden’s Cancun Mexican Restaurant had the number 5 position. The establishment had 35 violation points, 30 of which were from high-risk violations. Like El Gitano, Cancun’s biggest violation (25 points) came from room temperature storage, improper use of time as a control, and/or no procedures available. The WCHD determined that a follow-up with Cancun will be required.

Below are summaries for other high-point inspections, as well as inspections that yielded actions other than “approved.”

EstablishmentTotal PointsHigh Risk PointsAction Taken
Cafe Caffe 25545Follow-up required
El Gitano Restaurant5345Enforcement required
Marta’s Cocina4540Follow-up required
Super Mario Salvadorian4040Follow-up required
Cancun Mexican Restaurant3530Follow-up required
El Rinconcito 22115Approved
Anthony’s Homeport2020Follow-up required
Delta Store2015Follow-up required
Cherry St. Market2015Follow-up required
Green Barn, LLC2010Approved
Fountain Coffee and Wine Bistro2010Follow-up required
Cost Cutter - Meridian – Deli1515Follow-up required
Red Bandana70Follow-up required
Rocket Donuts50Approved

UPDATE – On January 13 the Whatcom County Health Department contacted the Register staff to let them know that, due to a data-entry error on their end, some of the final actions taken after food inspection reports were listed incorrectly. In this article, the final action taken for Rocket Donuts was incorrectly listed as “permit suspension.” The final action was actually “approved.” WCHD Food Program Supervisor Tom Kunesh said the department regrets the errors. Kunesh said he will be personally reviewing all food inspection data released to the Register going forward to ensure that errors of this nature do not happen in the future.

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